Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Biggest Mistake (Chapter 3)

Emma and I were now fucking on a regular basis.  Late nights, weekends, mostly in my office but also in my car and occasionally in a hotel room since neither of us could go home.  Eventually my wife had to go to Los Angeles for a week  for work – she’s a marketing consultant and a very high priced and in demand one at that.  I decided to have Emma over for a night for convenience.  I figured we could meet at some random place, she could leave her car in the parking lot and when we pulled into my house she could duck so the neighbors couldn’t see her.  We did exactly that.

We met at the underground garage off of Millennium Park and she got into my Benz and as we cruised up Lake Shore Drive she gave me road head.  She was using her leather gloved hand and it felt great.  The one nice thing about winter in Chicago is the women get to wear sexy clothes that they can take off at home. 

We pulled into the garage in my North Shore home and I waved to my neighbor as Emma’s lips were still sucking on the head of my cock.  I shut the garage door, turned off the lights and we both walked safely inside.

She stood there in my kitchen in her long black leather overcoat, black leather gloves with my pre-cum still on them and knee high black leather boots.  I still didn’t know what was under that over coat.  I left her there to go the cellar for a bottle of wine and when I came back she was standing against the counter wrapping her over coat around her, but it was unbuttoned.  I poured two glasses of Bordeaux and she started smiling.  She opened up her coat and she was only wearing some fishnet stockings, some black leather hot pants and a black leather bra.  Her stomach was flat and toned and she had a pearl necklace around her neck.

“I know as much as you love leather you must have some of your own.” She said.

I nodded, “Why don’t you pick something out of my closet?”

She grabbed her wine and followed me up the stairs to my bedroom.  We went into our walk-in closet and in the back was a small door.  Inside that small door was our Playroom.  We had all kinds of bondage gear and all our clothes and toys stored away in there.  She walked first to my rack of clothes and started going through my things.  She came onto my boots first and tossed them at me.  She then found a pair of black leather short shorts that had a snap off cod piece and threw those at me.  She kept perusing my things and found the tightest pair of leather jeans I had and again, tossed them at me.  She then found a leather shirt, paused, then put it back and tossed a black leather vest at me.  She finished with my black leather motorcycle jacket, black leather gloves and black leather biker cap. 

“One of these days I’m going to make you take me to some place in Wisconsin where no one knows us and we’re going to go out in public in our leathers.”

“Maybe one day” I said. 

“Get those on while I look at your wife’s leathers.”  She said.

I got dressed in front of her and she went through my wife’s sex heels (which she sometimes wears to work), her fuck me boots, her leather and latex catsuits and masks, her various gloves, her leather pants and jeans, her leather skirts and shorts, her latex crotchless panties, leather teddies and underwear, her whips, restraints, chains, dildos, vibrators, leather tops, jackets and all the miscellaneous other things in our toy closet. 

“Does your wife ever wear these latex panties to work?”

“Yeah she does.  She sometimes texts me and tells me what kinky stuff she has on under her suit.”

I was dressed now all in leather.  She came over to me and ran her hands all over me, rubbing the leather hard, smelling me, feeling my cock throb through two sets of leathers.  She pushed me over to the bondage cross and chained me in.  She then blind folded me.  When she walked away I didn’t think anything of it, but little did I know then, she went and turned the video camera on.  The video camera is hooked up to a 60” plasma in the room so we can watch ourselves fucking – the video camera is networked so there’s five cameras recording at the same time and the video is digitally recorded and can be edited to make our own pornos. 

Considering the light in the room, it would be hard to make me out if not for the room itself and my distinctive tattoos.  Taking Emma home would later haunt me.

However, for the time being she fucked my brains out. 

She flipped me around and began to alternate hitting me with the bullwhip and stroking my cock through my leathers.  I thought I would come in my pants but I didn’t. 

She pulled down my leather pants and pulled the cod piece off and sprung my cock free.  I could feel her being to suck me, pulling down on my balls with one hand and squeezing my leather covered ass with the other.  She was working me really slow, taking her time, torturing me. 

She then uncuffed me and lead me out of the Playroom and down the stairs and back into my kitchen.  She took the blind fold off and hopped up on the kitchen island and I immediately went to work pulling her shorts aside, licking her pussy and playing with her asshole.  She handed me a lubed up anal vibrator that I slipped into her ass and turned on and she came in no time flat. 

I pulled her down her little booty shorts though I wish I could have plunged my dick right through them, and shoved my cock deep into her wet pussy, the anal vibrator still going.  She screamed and screamed and came and came until I pulled the vibrator out and shoved my bulging cock into her asshole.  You could tell she’d never had anal sex before but I wasn’t going to let that slow me down.  As she screamed harder and harder I fucked her harder and harder.  When I was done I pulled out and ordered her down onto her knees where she started to suck me again like the slut that she is.  She opened her mouth a little, I pulled back and came all over her face.  The first wave was huge coating the entire right side of her face and the second two waves were smaller but still significant and the cum dripped down her chin and onto her tits that were glistening with sweat.  She sucked what little was left from my cock and ran her fingers over her face licking what was left.  She rubbed the cum on her tits into her skin and leather bra while smiling at me.  She then spun me around and began to pull down my shorts and lick my asshole.  While I didn’t come again, it felt fantastic. 

We fucked several more times that night, her trying on different outfits, talking dirty and all in all getting more adventurous. 

When I picked my wife up at the airport later that week, she got off the plane in a short black leather skirt, boots and black leather jacket and as she approached the baggage claim I noticed a young buff man was carrying her bags.  He left her as I approached but I could tell they’d been chatting.

She wasted no time, once we got into my car in the parking garage, jumped on top of me and shoved my cock into her already wet pussy and started pouncing up and down.  Without hesitating or stopping her I asked her, “Does this have anything to do with that guy I saw you with?”

“Maybe a little, but maybe I am just horny and happy to see you.”

“Did you find him attractive?”

“Yeah, he was fucking hot actually.  At one point during the flight he moved my hand under the blanket and made me touch his cock.”

“What the fuck?” I asked.  I was pissed but she kept fucking me so it was hard to protest.

“He had the biggest cock I’d ever felt.  It was at least nine inches and THICK!”

“Jesus Christ!”

“That was it I moved it away fast and maybe I’m feeling a little guilty so I am going to make sure you have a good time for a few days to make up for it.”

I couldn’t complain too much.  My wife was hot and dressed sexy, she was going to attract men and men were going to take chances.  Plus, I was cheating on her so who was I to judge. 

After my wife’s close call with infidelity I felt bad and laid off Emma for awhile.  In fact Julie (my wife) met me at the office for lunch one day and met Emma.  Julie shows up in a ankle length leather skirt, boots, blouse and jacket and comes across Emma, wearing a knee length leather skirt, satin blouse, seemed stockings and heels.  They have a nice introduction and Julie comes into my office.  I lock the door behind us.

“I see Emma is rather attractive and seems to be wearing some leather.  Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of her and come home with your engine revved up.”

“She’s okay.  I really don’t think too much of it at the office.”

Julie came over as I stood behind my desk, climbed up on it and started to pull my cock out of my pants.

“What are you doing?”

“Just so you remember who butters your bread.”

With that she went to town on me sucking me off in a matter of minutes as I watched her leather covered ass bob up and down.  I came down her throat and she swallowed every drop.  We got cleaned up and went to lunch.

When I returned from lunch Emma followed me into my office and closed the door.  I could tell she was pissed. 

“You wife blew you didn’t she?”

“So?  We’re married if I didn’t let her she’d think something was up.”

“Something is up.”

“What, you want your husband knowing?  This is not a relationship – we made that clear, this is sex.”

“Maybe so but you have more to lose than I do.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means my husband knows we’re fucking.  Hell, he’d love to watch you fuck me while he jerked off in the corner.  Hell, he’s my slave and he does what he’s told.”

I stood there not sure whether to believe it or not. 

“What are you trying to say Emma?”

“Watch this.” She said.  She threw a DVD on my desk and walked out.  I put it in my computer and it was her blowing me in the Playroom at my house.  I put my head in my hands.  My computer beeped.  She sent me an instant message and said, “Don’t think that’s the only copy.”

I stood up, walked over to the cabinet, poured a glass of 20 year old Pappy Van Winkle and stared down onto Michigan Avenue wondering how the fuck I got into this mess and how the fuck I was going to get out of it…

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Sizzling Summer Night (3 of 4)

It was July and I had been fielding phone calls and emails from a few people who had witnessed or heard about our performance at our neighbors party back in the Spring.  We got some requests that didn’t have a snowball’s shot in hell (a guy asked us to come to his house and fuck while he jacked off alone) to some really interesting suggestions.  One guy presented an idea that my wife and I decided was best and I wrote him back to let him know we’d be there.

The guy’s name was Joe (or at least that’s what he told me) and his plan was for a party with us as the main attraction, but he promised we wouldn’t be the only people fucking.  He was going to arrange a room in his house with couches around the walls and a sturdy table in the middle so we’d be elevated and everyone could see us.  He said that the invitation demanded that each person attending had to be wearing a significant amount of leather, latex or vinyl clothing.  Joe also said that the invitation stated there was going to be a live sex show and guests would be encouraged to participate with any willing parties and that any man attending had to bring a woman (women were welcome on their own or in groups).  He also said there’d be full service food and drink by leather, latex and vinyl dressed waitresses.

We decided to go all out for this one and bring a bag of toys and a change of outfits.  Our goody bag included a strap-on harness (both hip and face), a vibrating dildo, vibrating butt plug, lube and a little vibrator that just straps on and vibrates her clit.  Man these people are going to get a good show.  We actually packed much more than we needed, but we used most of it.

The Friday night of the party came and I watched my wife do her hair and make-up.  She was wearing a tight, black leather ankle length skirt that hugged her ass perfectly, a black corset that made her tits look huge, a short black leather jacket that just comes below her tits, a black leather collar, black leather opera gloves and knee high black leather boots.  I tried to fuck her before she put her make-up on but she wouldn’t have none of it.  I wore my tight, black leather boot cut jeans, black leather ankle boots, a white button up shirt, black leather tie, black leather blazer and black leather driving gloves.  Even though it was hot outside, we needed to wear a lot of leather, so we just cranked the AC in the car on the way there.

When we drove up to the house I realized that when Joe said “house” that was the understatement of the century – this was a mansion.  We were greeted by valets in leather pants, this was going to be a great evening.  Once we were at the door we were let it by a butler wearing a leather tuxedo who escorted us to the ballroom.  Once inside we walked up to Joe who was wearing a leather catsuit and drinking a glass of scotch.  He led us to a room that we could use later to change and we dropped our bags, closed the door and walked back to the ballroom to mingle.

We walked to the bar where hot young girls wearing black and red leather hotpants, thigh high leather boots and black tank stops that said “SLUT” on them were serving drinks.  My wife ordered a glass of merlot and I ordered a Maker’s Mark on the rocks.  We surveyed the room which was only half full at this time and marveled at all the incredibly sexy people covered in leather and talked about how one crazy night last winter has led us down a path where we’re attending sex parties.  With my free hand I was rubbing her tight ass but I was looking at plenty of other leather covered asses and my cock was throbbing just thinking of the night ahead. 

Joe then approached us again and explained that many of his guests were staying the weekend and he had reserved his largest guest bedroom for us if we wanted to stay; the only condition is that we wear leather at all times.  We readily accepted as we’d brought more than enough leather outfits to last us all weekend.  We sipped our drinks and smiled as we thought of the weekend to come.

We separated and mingled and kept to our rule between the two of us – we are happily married and we allow, even encourage each other to flirt, but nothing beyond touching: no kissing or sexual action between us and anyone else.  I spent some time talking to a tall slender redhead with big tits and a nice ass.  She took a liking to me and pushed my agreement as far as it would go grabbing my ass, rubbing my cock through my leathers asking me to grab her ass, feel her tits and grind my leather covered cock against her leather covered ass. 

My wife was being similarly entertained, sitting on some guys lap, his hands rubbing her leather covered tits and her grinding her ass into his leather covered cock.  The room had now filled as all the guests had arrived (per Joe’s announcement) and as people drank more, people got more friendly and some people were starting to get frisky.  One couple who had been making out for quite awhile got us started when she pulled out this guy’s monster cock and started jerking him off.  As she was jerking him off her girlfriend started kissing him and he reached his hands up her black vinyl micro mini skirt and started to rub her clit.  My wife and I looked at each other and we knew it was time for our first costume change. 

We changed and Joe made an announcement that the entertainment was about to begin.  I came out wearing my biker boots, black leather chaps, leather g-string, leather jean style jacket, a leather half mask, face strap-on dildo and blindfold that was pulled over my forehead.  My wife was wearing her black leather zip through jeans, strap-on dildo, 6” black patent heels, white button up shirt, my black leather tie, black leather blazer, black leather half finger gloves with his bright red nails showing through and a leather military cap.  Every jaw in the room dropped.  Just the sight of us inspired a half dozen couples or so to start some heavy petting.  Women rubbing cocks through leather pants, men rubbing their own cocks through their leather pants, women rubbing each other legs – it was carnal and I loved it.
I climbed up on the leather padded table and got on my knees.  This was going to be a new dimension to our sex life; we had role reversed in private before, but this would be its public debut.  She took the strap-on off my face and set it aside and then loud and forcefully said, “Suck my fucking cock.”

I did exactly as I was told.  I started by licking the head of it, then taking the head of it in my mouth and sucking it like she had sucked me so many times.  I eventually moved down swallowing as much of her cock as I could and just when I thought I couldn’t swallow any more she started fucking my face, her hands on her ass, thrusting in and out of my mouth.  She pulled the blindfold down over my eyes and I felt her pull her cock out of my mouth.  She then threw me over on my back and spread my legs out, I knew what was next.

I started to hear a little moaning coming from the audience and my cock was bulging through my leather thong.  My wife pulled the back of it aside and slowly inserted her lubed up cock into my ass.  She grabbed my legs and pulled them over her shoulders and started pounding me hard.  She then pulled out, spun me over onto my stomach and then climbed on top of me, shoving her cock back inside me and thrusting away.  As she was fucking my asshole she started describing what was going on around the room: a guy with a 10” cock having it worked on by two hungry mouths, the girls leather covered asses bouncing up and down, the guy next to him stroking his own cock while his wife rubbed the pussy of the girl next to her.  It was driving me crazy.

After she thought my asshole had taken enough rubber cock, she got up, took the strap-on off and put the face mounted one on me.  She then unzipped her pants and sat down easily on the cock strapped to my face as her pussy was dripping wet at this point.  She started bouncing on the rubber cock and she reached back and pulled my blindfold off so I could see the action around me, though all I could see from there was her sexy leather covered ass bouncing up and down on me.  She then reached down and pushed her ass back into my face as she unleashed my raging hard-on.  She gave it a few good strokes before she came, shouting, “Fuck my fucking pussy you fucking asshole!”

After she finished shaking, she got up, pulled the harness off of my face and sat back down, my tongue reaching into her dripping wet cunt lapping up all of her tasty cum I could.  She leaned down and sucked my cock, completing the 69.  I still couldn’t see what was going on around me but I could hear a lot of moaning coming from both men and women.  It wasn’t long before my wife came again all over my face.  I reached up and licked her asshole as she continued to suck my throbbing cock.

She got off of me and climbed over to mount my cock.  As she fucked me, I got my first real look around: everyone was fucking.  Everyone.  Couple were fucking, groups of people were fucking.  There was cock sucking, pussy licking, pussies being hammered, assholes being widened with huge cocks.  All of it covered in leather and vinyl.  It was like a leather covered orgy in a porno times twenty.  It was amazing, I almost came just from looking at it.  I didn’t even notice my wife coming again until I heard her scream, “I’m fucking coming you asshole, fuck me!”

After she came, she turned over on all fours and lost the jacket and I entered her asshole, fucking her hard while also trying to watch all the fucking going on around me.  People were starting to cum.  One girl was going from guy to guy getting them to cum on her face and by the time she got a quarter of the way around the room her hair, face, tits, and ass were all covered in cum.  I just kept fucking my wife, feeling her tight asshole clinch down on my cock as the scene was driving her crazy as well.

I decided I couldn’t last much longer so I withdrew from her ass and shoved my cock hard and deep into her pussy.  She screamed with delight and I started pumping harder.  Chicks were screaming, guys were shooting cum everywhere (I didn’t envy the housekeeper) and people were cumming all over the place.  I picked up her legs, stood up and fucked her reverse wheelbarrow style and as the people who came started watching us again I came hard just as my wife did.  She screamed, “Fuck my fucking pussy with that big hard cock!  Fucking fill me up with cum, I want it coming out my mouth!  Cum, fucker cum!”

After I came, I quickly got underneath her and licked her pussy, my own cum leaking back down onto my face and I licked every bit of it up and swallowed my own hot cum.  She came again, this time screaming something that sounded like a wailing banshee.  She laid back on me and no sooner than that happened, a fucking hot little bartender brought us water and wine.  We laid there re-hydrating with water and then sipping wine, kissing and rubbing each others’ bodies.  Everyone was still watching us and we were watching them.

Not too long after that, people started retreating to their rooms and saving some energy for the rest of the weekend.  We got up, got our things and did the same but we went back to our room and fucked some more recounting what just happened and describing the things we saw going on around us.

The next morning when we came down for breakfast I was wearing the outfit I arrived in and my wife had on her knee high, 6” platform boots, a micro-mini black leather skirt, a white satin blouse and her make up done up right.  Everyone else was similarly dressed – not quite as provocative as the night before, but all covered in leather or vinyl and looking sexy as hell.  We sat down next to two other couples, her next to a guy and me next to a woman.  The woman immediately started rubbing my cock through my leather pants as we sipped mimosas and she told me how much she enjoyed our show the night before.  She must have been watching closely because she described every detail and said she loved how I obviously knew how to use my cock to please my wife. 

As I was enjoying her rubbing (and she showed no signs of stopping) I looked over and noticed my wife was rubbing the guy’s cock next to me through his leather pants!  He had his hand on her ass and they were discussing several things that he said he’d like to see her do.  She said she thought we could work those requests into tonight’s performance and he said he was glad.  She then reached her other hand over and joined the lady to my right in rubbing my cock.  She then turned and put her head into my lap, licking my cock through my leathers.  The guy next to her grabbed her and pulled her up into his lap so that she was facing down and he began rubbing her ass and she pulled my cock out of my pants and began sucking me off. 

As she sucked me off the woman who had been rubbing me started to rub herself.  My wife was working her hand on the base of my cock as her lips and tongue worked my head.  The man sitting next to her started spanking her, which I know she loves and she would want to move on before long and I was right.  She rolled off the guy, sat back in her chair and spread her legs – my invitation to breakfast.
I got down on my knees and licked her while the woman next to me used her free hand to spank my leather covered ass.  My wife arched her back and pushed my face into her wet pussy.  I licked and licked and she moaned softly.  I knew she was close so I slipped a few fingers in and reached for her G spot.  She started bucking and came hard all over my face. 

At that point I got up, pulled her up, bent her over the table and shoved my cock deep into her soaking wet cunt.  I grabbed her leather skirt covered ass and hammered away as the woman kept smacking my ass, rubbing it and then smacking it again.  I fucked as hard as I’ve ever fucked before and my wife came twice in a row almost immediately.  I knew my first of the day would be a quick one so I spun her around, she dropped to her knees and took all of my cock into her mouth, as I shot a huge load into her.  She let some slip out back onto my cock as she tried to drain every bit of cum out of me and then licked it all off, keeping my cum in her mouth.  She then grabbed her mimosa, spit it into the glass and then slowly drank the whole thing for everyone to see her slowly drinking my cum with the orange juice and champagne.

I’d tell you how the rest of the weekend went, but I think you have the idea.

The Cuckold (Chapter 1)

I was dressed just like she likes me to be dressed.  Black felt fedora, black leather blazer, black dress shirt, black silk tie, black PVC pants (because leather offers my ass too much protection), black dress boots and fingerless leather gloves with a black PVC thong on underneath.

I was waiting for her to come home so that I could serve her.  I have picked out a nice bottle of red wine and was preparing dinner.  She had invited a date over this evening for after dinner and, well, perhaps I should give you a quick explanation as to why my wife was bringing a date over…

It started innocently I supposes, I had always had some kinky, perverted fantasies and I looked at non-vanilla porn.  Mostly leather, BDSM stuff but on occasion trannies and forced fem.  After dating for awhile I slowly got her into some of the stuff.  She wore outfits for me and tired her best to dominate me during sex but it wasn’t until she realized I was dressing up on my own, cross-dressing on occasion and trying to meet people for cyber relationships online that she truly turned the corner.  Since then, she’s taken the attitude that she gets whatever she wants and for the most part I like it.

So anyhow, she occasionally has dates.  Usually she just goes out dressed as I like her to dress: (mostly black leather), and fucks the guys at their place.  When she gets home she usually punishes me for something and makes me lick the dried sweat and cum off her body and leather clothing and if I do a good job I get to jack off after she leaves.  Thinking of her getting fucked by another man makes my dick so hard and I have no trouble conjuring images to stroke myself to.

So tonight, she is bringing someone home for the first time.

She arrived home from work and I was sitting in the chair with an open bottle of wine and a glass for her.  I immediately greeted her at the door with a kiss and took her long leather coat and hung it up.  She walked over to the chair and sat down.  I poured her a glass and took off her black patent leather 6 inch heels for her and rubbed her feet.  She had still not said a word to me.  I just rubbed her feet and her legs.  She had on black pantyhose with the seem in the back and a knee length black leather skirt.  I kept looking farther up to her pink satin blouse open just far enough to see her 36C breasts trying to get out and the pearl necklace I bought her last Christmas draping over them.  She had her make-up still looking good with bright lipstick and smoky eyes and her hair up from the work day.

After she’d had a glass, she spread her legs out wide and commanded me, “Lick my pussy.”

I did as I was told and removed her pantyhose and pushed her skirt up.  I licked around her lips before attacking her clit.  After years of marriage I knew how to get her off rather quickly and at 35 she still looked sexy – in fact sexier than our wedding day ten years prior so I loved eating her pussy.  After about five minutes she started squirming in the chair a bit and a few minutes later she was convulsing and cumming all over my face.  I licked as much of her juices as I could from around my lips and sat back waiting for her to catch her breath. 

She stood up, walked over to the closet and got out the paddle she keeps upstairs for convenience.  She sat back down, put her heels back on.  “Bend over my knee.”

I did as I was told and she proceeded to paddle me.  Why?  I am not sure, I tried to do my best for her, but I think she just likes it.  Truth of the matter is, I like it too.  I love the way the paddle stings my ass.  My cock gets rock hard buried in her leather skirt having the stinging pain of the paddle slapping my PVC covered ass.

When she was through, she pushed me off and got up and started to walk into the bedroom.  I knew she was going to change clothing and fix her make-up.  I went to the kitchen to finish dinner.

When she came into the dining room for dinner, I got all excited.  This is what she was going to wear for her play date and I got to watch her for an hour in those clothes and fantasize.  She had let her long red hair down (to her shoulders) and was decked head to toe in black other than her bright red lips and nails and smoky make-up.  She had on a black leather long sleeved top with laces down the arms and through the tits that left her stomach bare, skin tight black leather skinny jeans with a zip through crotch that were tucked into black knee high 6 inch leather boots. 

“You like what you see?” she asked.

“Very much so Mistress” came my reply. 

“Good.  Do you think Mike will like what I am wearing?”

“Oh, I am sure he will.”

“Good.  When I met him I grabbed his dick and it was very thick and big so I am in for a treat and you are in for quite a show.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“You want to see me take his big dick in my mouth?”

Before I could respond, the doorbell rang.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Biggest Mistake (Chapter 2)

After the night Emma sucked my dick, I tried to avoid her for awhile.  She apparently sensed I needed the space and didn’t push the envelope but didn’t stop dressing as she did either. 

My wife had no idea what was going on but I felt guilty so I initiated sex more than usual.  My wife wore a lot of leather out and about too but even at 30 was a bit more toned down than Emma.  She wears a lot of leather jackets, pants and skirts along with boots and heels and at home, well, she would wear anything from chaps to leather cup-less teddies to leather dresses to you name it.

The hornier I was the more my wife would indulge my fantasies since she was getting what she wanted.  I’d come home and she’d be wearing nothing but a pair of leather heeled boots and a leather mini skirt that barely covered her ass with no panties.  I’d grab her, throw her on the couch, eat her pussy until she came and then fuck the shit out of her for 45 minutes.  We’d have dinner, have a glass of wine and she’d come to bed in nothing but chaps and cowboy boots and we’d do it all over again.

This went on for a month to a month in a half before Emma pushed the issue again.  I was still jerking off in my office most days but now in addition to the fantasies in my head regarding her and her sexy leather outfits, I now had the memory of her giving me one of the best blowjobs I’d ever had.  This day, I’d been too busy to jerk off and Emma was wearing a tight black leather skirt that didn’t quite come to the knee, black heeled boots and a white satin blouse.  She also had her glasses on and her hair up and it was driving me crazy. 

Around 7 pm the office had cleared out and Emma popped in to ask me about dinner.  I told her to order whatever she liked and to go get a bottle of Barolo and two glasses from the company’s cellar.  When she came back about 30 minutes later she had Italian food to go with our Barolo and we cleared my desk to eat.  We managed to make a little small talk over the food knowing we still had work to do for a couple hours.  Eventually, she spoke up and didn’t beat around the bush about it.

“John, do you like what I’m wearing today?”

“Yeah Emma, you look great.  You always look great.”

“I saw you staring at my ass as I left earlier.  I can tell you’re still liking what you see in spite of the fact you’ve been trying to avoid me.”

“Yeah, I am a man, I can’t help it, I have to look at a beautiful woman when I see her.”

She took a sip of wine and grabbed my food and threw away our trash and came around the desk and sat on my desk, spreading her legs and putting her heels on the arms of my chair.

“Tell me how much you like what you see?”

Before I could answer she pushed her hand up her skirt and began fingering her pussy. 

“Goddamn Emma you are fucking sexy.  I can’t fucking stand it.”

She pushed me back in my seat and gave me a little show as she played with her pussy and began to moan.  After a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore, I shoved my face up her leather skirt and started licking at her pussy.  She grabbed the back of my head and shoved me into her moaning even harder and I rolled her clit around my tongue.  She bucked and thrust her hips into me, fucking my face and I licked all her sweet juices and rubbed my face in her snatch taking in her scent.  After about five minutes she came and she shook and screamed. 

When she was done she stood up, still weak in the knees, grabbed my tie and walked me over to my wall of law books.  She put both her hands on the bookshelf and spread her legs apart and I didn’t have to be told anything, but she still turned around and said, “Fuck me.”

I dropped my pants, reached up and slid her g-string aside and pushed my cock slowly into her wet, eager snatch.  She clamped down tight on me and I grabbed her hips, loving the way the leather skirt felt in my hands and loving the way it looked almost covering her ass and I started fucking her hard as I’d been wanting to do this since she came back from her make over.  It wasn’t long before she came again.  She pushed me off, turned around and grabbed my tie and led me over to my desk.

She stood there in front of me, grabbed my cock and stroked  me while she kissed me deeply.  She pushed me back on the desk and climbed on top of me, riding me.  She took her glasses off and let her hair down, throwing her glasses in my chair.  She had her hands on my chest riding me and in a manner of a minute she came again.  She laid down on top of me, grabbing my tie and kissing me.  I ran my hands up her shirt and grabbed her beautiful tits and squeezed before moving to unbutton her blouse.  She removed the blouse and unhooked her bra and unleashed the most beautiful pair of tits I’ve seen in a long time.  She pulled me up and I sucked on her tits as she kept grinding into me.

She then spun around reverse cowgirl and kept fucking me.  I held onto her ass, rubbing it through her leather skirt as she thrust herself onto me violently, fucking hard and cumming hard.  I grabbed her, rolled over on our sides and fucked her from behind while being able to simultaneously play with her tits and watch my cock from the perspective of her leather skirt covered ass.  It wasn’t long before she came again and this time was too much for me.  She could tell I was getting close and grabbed my tie and pulled me into her as I exploded into her soaking wet pussy.  I kept thrusting until it hurt. 

She then rolled me over on my back and got on top of me again, sliding my still erect cock into her pussy.  She moved very slowly rolling her hips before leaning into me.

“That was fucking fantastic.  I’ve been dreaming of you shoving that thick cock inside me ever since I noticed your hard on through your pants when my leather plan started to take effect.”

“That was fantastic.  I guess you’re right, if we’re going to work these long nights, what’s wrong with a little fun.”

She rolled off  of me, kissed me and then went to clean herself up before going home.

I asked her when she came out of the bathroom, “What would happen if your husband found out?”

“He takes no interest in me whatsoever.  Even after the makeover he doesn’t notice me.”

“Then I think he’s fucking crazy.”

“Me too.”

After she left, I cleaned up and showered in my bathroom so that I didn’t have the smell of sex on me when I went home.  I put on a sweatshirt and jeans and headed home with the plan of telling my wife I worked out in the company gym before coming home.

When I got home my wife was sitting on the couch in her tight brown leather pants, brown heeled boots and open white blouse having a glass of wine.  Her blonde hair cut just above her shoulders up in a ponytail and her make-up recently touched up.  She was listening to her favorite music, giving me the clear signal that she wanted sex.

“Another late night honey?”

“Yeah, this litigation is getting out of hand.  We’re trying to convince them to settle but they won’t hear it.”

She got up and walked to me, kissing me hard and running her hand to my ass giving it a good squeeze before running it around the front of my jeans where she started rubbing my cock through my jeans.  I ran my hands over her tits and down to her beautiful leather pants, squeezing her ass hard pulling her into me.  She got my pants undone and shoved them down over my ass and then started stroking my cock as we kissed.  I got her pants down over her ass and pushed her onto the couch.  I threw my face into her pussy licking and sucking at her clit while reaching my finger around to play with her asshole.  I licked until my neck got sore, it sometimes takes her awhile to get warmed up but once she gets there she cums like a machine gun one right after another.  When she finally came, she shuddered, her asshole clinched down on my finger and she screamed so loud she must have been heard in Wisconsin. 

I pulled her up and she got down on her knees and started to suck me.  I watched as her beautiful white ass stuck out, her leather pants bunched up above her knees, her boots still on and her hand pumping me as she sucked me hard and rolled her tongue around the head of my cock.  She had her other hand on my ass and slowly her finger found its way around to my asshole, rubbing it ever so slightly.  She stopped, licked her finger and then went back to town as she slipped her finger into my ass, fingering my ass as she licked my balls.  She took my balls into her mouth and stroked my asshole and cock at the same time.  It felt incredible.

I stopped her, there was too much I wanted to do.  I put her back on the couch, threw her leather covered legs and boots over my shoulder and pushed my cock into her dripping wet pussy at the deepest point of penetration.  I jackhammered and she came again and again.  I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer so I pulled out and rolled her over.

With my cock dripping wet from her pussy, I spread her ass cheeks apart and shoved my cock in slowly.  She winced at first, as she always does but as I started to pump she warmed up and began squeezing her ass to make what was already a tight fit feel like it was stuck.  It didn’t take too much of this before I came deep into her ass and she came one final time as she’d been fingering herself while I fucked her asshole. 

I pulled out and quickly pulled up her panties so they would catch my cum as it drained out of her ass – I wanted her to sit in it and feel it get sticky on her ass and pussy.  I then pulled her leather pants back up and rolled her over.  I continued to lay on top of her running my hands all over her leather and kissing her. 

Later that night  as I was reading in bed, she came into the room dressed in her black leather catsuit with the open crotch, black leather opera gloves, black leather thigh high boots, sunglasses, whip and restraints.  She smacked me with the whip, cuffed my legs and hands to the bed and unzipped her crotch.  She sat on my face and I knew what I was supposed to do.  After eating her pussy she fucked me for two hours before allowing me to cum.  She is insatiable and I am a lucky man.

But now I have two insatiable women and I can only fuck so much in one day (though I wish I could fuck more) – this situation was going to reach a breaking point sometime soon…

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Biggest Mistake (Chapter 1)

This is the story of how I became a slave to two women at once…

Chapter 1

I am an attorney in a mid-sized firm in Chicago and my old, but incredible, secretary had just retired and it was time to interview candidates for her replacement.  Human Resources sent me the resumes of ten women to look at.  I discarded five right off the bat and decided to interview the other five.

The first three women interviewed and were just unimpressive.  This is a very busy, very high stress law firm and I wasn’t sure they could cut it.  The fourth woman was very qualified and very young and hot.  I was tempted to hire her for all the obvious reasons but I am a married man and this was a person I was going to be spending a lot of time with including trips, late nights and weekends.  Not to mention that there were a ton of good-looking women in the office already – secretaries and attorneys both.

When Emma came in I knew she’d be perfect.  She was very qualified and a little frumpy.  She was a red head in her mid-40’s, wore unattractive clothes and was married with 2 kids – I viewed her as the least tempting of all five and since she was qualified I hired her on the spot. 

Looking back I should have taken a clue from a small comment she made, but thought nothing of it at the time.  She noticed a picture I had on my desk of my wife in a leather pencil skirt – I find nothing sexier than a confident woman in leather – and commented on how attractive my wife was and how she loved her outfit. 

As the weeks went on Emma and I spent a lot of time together and I began to notice that while she could use a make-over, she was pretty good looking under the sloppy clothes, hair that needed a cut and little make-up.  She’d kept herself fit even after having children in her early 30’s.  I’d heard a few of the other secretaries gossiping about her behind her back since everyone in the office was so well dressed and one night over Chinese takeout I approached the subject with her.  I told her I loved having her as my secretary, she was doing a fantastic job and then let her know there had been some gossip around the office and I’d be willing to help her if she wanted to spruce herself up some.  She agreed it was time for a makeover and I agreed to give her a small raise to help her with the cost.

Emma took a week off to get herself together and when she came back she turned heads.  Nice modern hair cut and her hair was a darker shade of red that perfectly complemented her pale skin.  Nice makeup with a deep red lip gloss that  showed her thick sexy lips.  Nice, gray modern business skirt suit, red satin blouse unbuttoned as far as she could go, pantyhose with seems up the back and sexy patent red leather 6 inch pumps.  She had long sexy legs, nice tight ass and when she took her jacket off you could see she had a beautiful set of tits as well.

After this transformation Emma not only worked harder but became a lot nicer to me, more flirtatious and told me she was extremely grateful to me for pushing her to do this – she was more confident and had never felt better.  I was happy I could help her but it was getting harder to concentrate on work.  The day she came in wearing a tight black leather pencil skirt  and tight red cashmere sweater was the day it started going farther downhill.

She’d occasionally wear leather skirts (always professional pencil skirts but she must have had them in five different colors) with a nice satin blouse  or tight sweater and these days I was finding I was locking the door to my office and jerking off thinking about her and the way those skirts hugged her ass tightly or how cupping her tits through those satin blouses must feel. 

Sometimes we’d go home for dinner and then come back to the office to work or meet in the office after lunch on a Saturday or Sunday and we’d find we’d have my wing all to ourselves.  In these casual situations she’d still put in an effort to look hot.  The leather skirts would get shorter and be accompanied by leather heeled boots and the blouses would be more open and tighter.  Many times she’d wear leather pants  or leather jeans  with heels and different shirts.  She obviously had caught on to the fact leather clad women drive me crazy and was trying to drive me crazy but I couldn’t figure out how she knew, so one late night in the office when she was wearing a tight pair of leather pants I asked her about it.

“Emma, I have to say, the change in you is incredible.  You have all the guys in the office going crazy.”

“Well John, you’re my boss, you’re the only one I want to please.”

“Well, I hope I am not being out of line here, but I have to admit there’s nothing sexier than a woman who can wear leather well.  And you wear it well.”

“Thank you, but I knew you felt that way.”

“Yeah?  How?”

“The first clue was the picture on your desk of your wife.  It’s subtle but you can tell your hand is on her ass.  I also have noticed when ordering your wife’s gifts that you buy her something leather, latex or PVC every holiday.  It’s not like it took a rocket scientist to figure it out.”

“No, I suppose it doesn’t.”

She then came around the desk and sat on my lap.  “What are you doing?  We’re both married.”

“We’re just having a little fun, we’re not doing anything wrong.  Do you want to touch my pants?  I know you do, I can feel it.”

It was true, my cock was throbbing and pulsating into her ass.  I couldn’t help myself, I ran my hands over her thighs, back to her ass and then back around to the inside of her thighs.  She purred a little and her ass squirmed on my lap.  She turned around, put her hands on the desk and rubber her ass onto my cock.  I couldn’t keep my hands off her ass, rubbing the leather and hearing it creak.  She then climbed up on the desk and thrust her ass into my face.  Grabbing her by the hips I buried my face into the back of those pants and sniffed the leather rubbing my face all over her leather-covered ass.  She then climbed down, straddled me and began kissing me deeply.  I continued running my hands all over her as we made out.

After a moment she stopped, stood up, wheeled my chair around ninety degrees and walked over in front of me and dropped to her knees.  She positioned herself in a way that I’d be able to look at her in the mirror and ran her hands up my legs.  She got to my belt and unfastened it all while looking me in the eyes and licking her teeth.  She got my jeans undone and jerked my pants and underwear down at the same time causing my extremely erect cock to flop around before it stood straight up.  She reached up and grabbed it, running her finger over the top and rubbing my pre-cum over the head of my cock before slowly stroking me.

“Wow.  It felt big through your pants, but it’s more impressive in person.”

I couldn’t respond, all I could do was moan.  She slowly stroked me before reaching forward and sliding her mouth all the way down my cock sucking me hard.  She sucked and sucked, stopping to lick my balls and shaft as she stroked me.  She stood up while still stroking me and turned around.

“Slap my ass.”  I didn’t waste anytime and gave her a few good whacks.  “Hmm, fuck that feels good.”  She then got back down and sucked with a new fury.  It wasn’t long before the combination of my months long fantasies and the foreplay caught up with her amazing ability to suck a cock and I came hard into her mouth.  She kept sucking, swallowing everything I could give her smiling the whole time. 

She then got up and walked to my in office bathroom and cleaned up and re-applied her lip gloss.  She came in, poured herself a glass of wine and sat back down across from me.  I was still sitting there wiped out.  She was just smiling still.

“Did you like that?”

“Yeah, I did.  Wow.”

I pulled my pants back up and zipped up.

“Um, this is awkward.”

She just smiled and said, “We spend so much time together.  We don’t have time to be with our spouses as much as we’d like.  What’s wrong with us keeping each other a little personal company as well as professional company?”

I just nodded as I couldn’t think of anything else to say.  I knew I participated and had to think things through myself.  I didn’t know this was not the end but just the beginning.

Monday, January 31, 2011

An Unusual Service Call

I am a carpenter by trade.  I usually do more specialized work such as furniture but my best friend is a contractor and I occasionally get calls from him to help out building custom fireplace mantles and trim.  On one of these jobs I had come across a Ms. Jasmine Williams, a very mean and demanding lawyer, while installing a custom fireplace.  She hadn’t spoken to me personally, but I had noticed her being a huge bitch to some of the workers on my friend’s crew.  I did the job and then she slipped my mind.

About six months later my buddy called me and said there was a problem with their fireplace.  I asked him what the problem was and he said there was a problem with one of the joints.  I knew this was bullshit because I know my work, but he said they still owed him some money and he would pay me to go out and fix whatever minor problem they were having.  I grabbed a few tools together and headed for the truck.

When I got to the home the housekeeper let me in.  I headed for the back room where the fireplace was.  I sat my bag down and looked over the fireplace.  At first I couldn’t find the problem and then I heard a voice behind me.

“I would appreciate it if you would take off your boots before coming into my house.”

It was Ms. Williams.  She might be a bitch, but I’d forgotten how hot she was.  She is about 55 but with a body to kill for.  She has shoulder length black hair and is just beautiful.  Rumor was she started off as Mr. Williams’ trophy wife before she went back to law school.  She had on her glasses, a black leather blazer, nice white satin blouse with pearls, a tight, black leather skirt that came just above her knees, black pantyhose and nice black pumps that must have been 5” which made her a little over 6’ tall.

“I’m sorry Ms. Williams, but I anticipated going back to my truck in a moment.”

“Very well, but you’ll be cleaning up after yourself.”

“That’s fine ma’am.  By the way, I can’t find anything wrong with your fireplace.  What is it that you have a problem with?”

“I can’t believe you can’t see it.”

She walked over and pointed to a small area of the wood that had not been stained properly.  This was not my area, but my buddy’s, the contractor.  I figured I’d fix it and send my buddy a big bill – that would be easier than dealing with her.

“Okay, I’m going to have to remove these two pieces and sand them and restain them.  If I do that, they’ll match up right.  It’ll take a few hours, I’ll let them dry and then I’ll come back tomorrow and reassemble them.”

“Fine.  I will be back in a little while.”

With that, I watched her tight, leather covered ass walk away and then turned to my work.  I was working at a pretty good pace when I heard a noise behind me.  It was Ms. Williams and she now had her hair up, her jacket undone, a few more buttons of her blouse undone and she was drinking a glass of red wine.

“I suppose I should offer you something to drink.  What would you like?”

“That would be great, what do you have?”

“Water, beer, Coke and wine.”

I thought about it for a second and reckoned it was almost five o’clock so I told her I’d like a beer.  She turned and walked away and I again noticed how nice her ass was.  I also noticed that she had a pretty killer rack, which I hadn’t noticed before.  In spite of the fact she was a complete bitch, I was pretty sure that when I got home I was going to be stroking my cock to images of her in my head.  Just then she returned with my beer and sat on the couch across from me and crossed her legs.

“Thanks for the beer.”

“Just keep working.  I’m going to observe.”

So I just turned around and kept working while I felt her eyes burn a hole through me.  I was afraid of making a mistake that she was going to rip me a new one for and I was going to end up doing this work for free.  Then I she said something and I almost couldn’t believe it.

“Take off your shirt.”
“Excuse me?”

“I said, take off your shirt.  I’m paying for your time, I dictate the terms.”

“Are you serious?”

“Dead serious.”

So, I shrugged and took off my t-shirt.  I had been sweating so I was a little sticky, but if that is what she wanted, I figured it was less of a hassle.  I figure her husband was too old to give her the wood anymore and maybe she was going to be thinking about me when she took her waterproof vibrator to the tub later and we’d be tit for tat in providing each other with masturbatory fantasies.  I went back to work and when I finally had everything done for today I turned back to Ms. Williams.

“Well, that’s it for today.  I will be back tomorrow to re-install the pieces.”

I started to get my tools together and then I picked up my t-shirt and started to put it on.

“Uh huh.  You’re leaving the shirt off.  Your work here isn’t done yet.”

“I’m sorry?”

She got up, put her wine down and began walking in circles around me, running her fingers all over my sweaty chest, back and shoulders.

“Ma’am, aren’t you married?”

“Yes I am.”

“Wouldn’t your husband be upset at this?”

“I get everything I want.  And I do mean…everything.”

She stopped in front of me and ran both her hands up my abs and chest and then grabbed my ass and pulled me into her.  She planted a good kiss on me and I found myself unable to resist her.  I ran my hands from her shoulders down her expensive leather jacket all the way to her ass, grabbing her tight little ass through her leather skirt and squeezing.  Suddenly she stopped and pushed me away.

“Follow me.”

Still a little stunned, but with my cock bulging out of my jeans, I followed her.  Just far enough behind her to watch her ass in that tight leather skirt and her legs in that pantyhose.  At first I wasn’t even paying attention to where we were going and then we got to the stairs and I realized what was going to happen and I thought my cock was going to bust out of my skin.  We headed up the stairs and when she got to a room down the hall, she stopped, and crooked her finger to motion me closer.

When I got to the room I saw that this was one kinky woman.  There were all kinds of toys around, a bed, a table with straps on it – it was the size of a large master bedroom.  I had never come upstairs when we were building the house and I had no idea this room existed.  She walked over to the table with the restraints and pulled a lever which brought the table upright.  She pushed me over to the table and then bent down and strapped my ankles to the table.  She pressed herself up against me and began kissing me again and I started exploring her body with my hands again.  She took off her jacket and tossed it aside.  She then looked at me and smiled.

“I’ve changed my mind about something.”

With that, she unhooked my ankles and led me out of the room and into another room down the hall – this was her home office.  She cleared a few things off and then hopped up in the desk.  I rushed to her and we began kissing again.  I reached down and slid my hands up her skirt and removed her black g-string she was wearing.  As soon as that was off I was reaching for my belt and pushing my pants and boxers down to my knees as fast as I could and without even checking to see if she was wet, stuck the head of my cock up to her waiting lips.  As soon as I did that, I realized she was dripping wet and I shoved all 8 inches of my cock into her and I heard her moan a little.

I started fucking her like I was in a porno.  I would look down and see how her satin shirt was still tucked into her black leather skirt and I just grabbed her ass and felt the leather get slippery as my hands got sweaty.  I just pumped as hard and fast as I could until I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she convulsed in pleasure screaming so loud I thought the neighbors would hear.

I pulled out, grabbed her, practically threw her off the desk and turned her around and she instinctively grabbed the desk and I reached up and shoved my cock into her eager pussy again and as I fucked her I ran my hands all over her leather covered ass and reached around and grabbed her tits, loving the feel of them covered in satin.  I watched the pearl necklace bounce off her neck with every deep thrust.  It wasn’t long before the sight of her, the tightness of her rarely fucked pussy and my thinking of fucking her all day got the best of me and I shot a huge load of cum deep into her pussy at the same time I felt her start to convulse again.  She screamed again and I pulled out and sat back in a chair.

As I sat in the chair catching my breath I watched her still standing there, her legs going weak as she caught her breath and I noticed my cum leaking out of her onto that sexy leather skirt.  She seemed to notice this too and reached down and touched her skirt, then touched her pussy and then wiped the cum off her hands onto her skirt.  As she turned around I expected a much nicer Ms. Williams, but what I got was something else altogether.

“You fucking asshole.  Your cum is all over my $1,200 skirt.”

“Um, I’ll pay to have it drycleaned.”

“You will, but you owe me more than that.  Stand up and pull your pants up.”

I did as I was told.  She grabbed me by the belt and led me back to the first room we were in upstairs.  She pushed me right back to that upright table and before I could do anything she had my hands in the restraints and my ankles locked down.  She walked over to the toy table and got a ball gag.  She brought it over to me and tied it on me.

“You thought you had your fun.  Getting to fuck me while my husband is away.  Getting to run your hands all over me and fill me up with your big cock.  Well, now it is my turn to have some fun.”

She turned her back to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and ground her sweet ass into my crotch, over and over.  Pretty soon I was hard again in spite of the fact I was a little scared.  After she could feel my hard cock on her ass she walked away, turned out the light and left, closing the door behind her.

I just stood there for what seemed like forever and then I heard the door open.  I could see her figure walk through the door but by this time there wasn’t enough natural light to see much else.  She walked across the room and she struck a match and lit a candle, then another and another.  Candle by candle I saw a little bit more of her each time and each candle I liked what I saw more and more.  From bottom to top she looked fantastic.  She had on patent leather platform boots that went to her knees, this made her well over 6’ tall.  Fishnet stockings.  Short black leather micro-mini that barely covered her ass.  Black leather corset with red laces, which from what I could tell was cupless.  Over top of that was a black leather military looking blazer.  Black leather gloves.  Black leather choker.  Bright red lip stick and dark make up.  And on top of all of this was a leather cop looking hat. 

She walked over to the toy table and sat down in the chair next to it.  She crossed her legs, grabbed a cigarette from a pack on the table and lit it.  She sat there staring at me and smoking until about half of her cigarette was gone.

“You’re in for way more than you bargained for.  Prepare to be here for hours.”

All I could do was moan and feel my cock drain all the blood from my body.  She got up and walked over to me and ran her gloved hands across the front of my jeans feeling the ever growing bulge that my cock had become.  I still had no shirt on so it was easy for her to unbuckle my jeans and pull my pants down.  She then licked my cock through my boxers and stood back.  They were already wet from all the precum, cum and saliva but now they were soaked.  No bother because she then ripped them off of me, jamming the back of them in my ass crack in the process.

“My next door neighbors will be here in a bit.  You’re going to get quite a show.  If you’re lucky we might even let you join in.”

I still was unsure of what to think, but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere so I simply hoped for the best.  She bent down and unhooked my ankles and then my hands.  I thought this was a good sign but she merely turned me around and hooked me back up again.  She pulled what was left of my boxers out of my ass crack and walked to the toy table.  Next thing I knew I heard a snap and I felt the pain of having been whipped.

“I want you to say you’re sorry for giving my pussy such a good fucking today without honoring it with your tongue.  I want you to say, ‘I’m sorry Ms. Williams for not honoring your pussy with my unworthy tongue.  It won’t happen ever again as I am now your slave and will be grateful for whatever you allow me to do.’”

I tried to repeat that back to her the best I could with the ball gag in my mouth but then she hit me again.

“I can’t hear you.”

I tried again but the same result.  This went on for about fifty lashings.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson.”

She then pulled a lever on the table and I folded in half, bent over and facing the open space in the room.

Just as she finished that there was a knock at the door.

“This must be Mike and Elaine.”

She went and opened the door and in walked Mike and Elaine.  Mike was about 6’ tall and built.  He was wearing a black leather harness, tight black leather pants and boots.  Elaine was a goddess.  She couldn’t have been more than 30 and was wearing a black leather catsuit with a zipper through the crotch and zippers that allow cut outs so her tits can come through.  She had similar boots to Ms. Williams and short blonde hair.  She had really big tits and a tight ass with long legs.  I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen next but I had an idea.

Before anyone said a word, Ms. Williams attached a chain to Mike’s harness and led him to the couch directly across from me.  She pushed him on the couch and pointed her finger at him.  She then walked over to the toy table and got a strap-on harness and dildo and outfitted Elaine over her catsuit.  She then pointed at Mike and then to me and he got up and walked over to me and shoved his crotch right in my face. 

“Rub your cock on his face slave” Ms. Williams shouted.

I was afraid he was going to pull his cock out of his pants but he did not, he simply rubber his leather covered cock all over my face.  As he was doing this I couldn’t tell what the ladies were doing until I felt a lubricated finger slip up my ass and work its way around.  Then the finger pulled out and I felt the large dildo enter my ass, moving slowly back and forth. 

I heard Elaine then say, “Jasmine, he’s got a tight little asshole, this must be his first time.”

“I think it is.  This is what he gets for fucking me this afternoon and having his way.”

Then Ms. Williams walked around and pushed Mike away from me.  She had him stand just about six inches in front of my face and then she got down on her knees and pulled his cock out of his pants and it was HUGE.  Probably a good 10” and thick as hell.  She started stroking him as she turned to look me right in the eyes.

“Doesn’t he just have a magnificent cock?”  She then turned and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him off with her eyes glued into mine.  She was working him really good, licking up and down his shaft, his balls as she stroked him and returning to his head and I could see her tongue swirling around it. 

I was going crazy feeling Elaine grabbing my ass as she fucked it and watching this sexy woman suck this big cock right in front of me.  I almost couldn’t stand it.

Then, right as if I thought I could take anymore.  Ms. Williams grabbed Mike’s cock and led him back to the couch where she sat down facing me and just pointed to the ground and Mike just commenced to licking her pussy.  She ran her fingers through his hair and threw her legs up in the air and I could see him go down and lick her tight little asshole.  She then shoved his head into her and started to convulse – I could tell she was cumming hard like she had earlier.

As she was lying there catching her breath, Elaine pulled out of me and untied me – I thought this was a good thing until she rolled me over and tied my hands back.  She then took off the strap-on and laid it next to me.  She took the ball gag out of my mouth, unzipped the crotch of her catsuit and climbed up onto the table to sit on my face.

She said, “I want you to lick my pussy and make me cum slave."

I began to run my tongue all around her pussy lips tasting the wetness that had already started.  About this time I heard handcuffs clicking and Ms. Williams saying, “This is so you can’t play with yourself Mike, you know the rules.”

Right after that I felt my legs being pushed up over Ms. Williams shoulders and her using the strap-on on me.  She grabbed onto my legs and started thrusting, every now and again reaching around to rub my balls or give my cock one or two quick strokes.  After several minutes of her pounding my ass I felt something unusual but incredibly pleasurable and I began to convulse.  At the same time Elaine is grinding her snatch into me harder and harder riding my face and she starts convulsing.  As she cums all over my face I feel myself shoot a big load into the air, cumming from being fucked in the ass by Ms. Williams. 

Elaine scoots down my body and I feel her and Ms. Williams running their hands over my abs wiping up cum.  They bring it over to where I can see them and then they slowly lick their hands clean in front of me.  Elaine gets down off the table and Ms. Williams climbs up on the table and straddles my face.  I know what is expected of me and I begin to lick Ms. Williams tasty cunt. 

As I’m licking her she starts giving me the play by play of Mike eating Elaine’s pussy.  She then starts grinding harder and harder and screaming, cumming all over my face.  My cock is rock hard again and I’m wondering if I am going to get to fuck anyone or just get fucked all night.  After slowly rubbing her wet cunt down my face and chest I see Elaine appear with a knife which Ms. Williams uses to cut my pants off.  They untie me and roll me off onto the floor.

Elaine says to Ms. Williams, “Let’s swap tonight, I want to fuck this guy.”

“That’s fine with me, Mike’s cock is looking pretty eager right now.”

Ms. Williams walks over, uncuffs Mike and leads him to the table where she lies on her back and spreads her legs and he sticks his huge meaty cock into her and begins fucking her.  Elaine leads me over to the couch and pushes me down on my back and straddles me taking my cock into her dripping wet pussy.  As we’re fucking we’re both watching Mike plow into Ms. Williams and she is watching us over his shoulder.  We fuck for awhile and then Mike picks up Ms. Williams, and while still inside her brings her over to the couch so that we’re all together.

Mike then pulls out and turns Ms. Williams over with her knees on the couch and her arms on the back and fucks her from behind.  She starts screaming like mad with his huge cock ramming her from behind.  I take the hint and move Elaine around so that the two women are in the same position right next to each other and I start pounding Elaine from behind.  The two women begin making out while getting fuck and Ms. Williams loses her blazer and then unzips Elaine’s big beautiful tits and both Mike and I on cue reach around and hold onto their tits as we fuck them. 

Elaine then leans back into me and says, “I want you to fuck me in the ass.  I love having a cock in my ass but Mike is way too big.  So fuck my ass hard.”

I do as I’m told and pull out and slip my cock into her ass.  As I do this Ms. Williams cums violently again.  After she cums, she moves over, sits on the back of the couch and Elaine starts to eat her pussy while I fuck her in the ass.  Mike then stand on the couch next to his wife and Ms. Williams begins to suck him off.  Seemingly within seconds, though I am sure it was longer, Ms. Williams cums, and I feel Elaine tighten her asshole and cum again.

Now the women slouch down the couch and are sitting next to each other with Mike and I standing in front of them, Elaine starts sucking me off and Ms. Williams resumes sucking off Mike and then they move and switch and go back and forth until Mike cums all over Ms. Williams face and the sight of that was too much and I came all over Elaines face.  They then pulled us down and kissed us, their cum mixing with ours.  Then Ms. Williams pushed me down.

“Get the fuck out of my house, I have no more use for you.”

Naked and drenched in sweat and cum, I stood up and said, “I’ll be back tomorrow to finish the fireplace.”

“Indeed you will and we will probably need you to stay over again like you did tonight.”

“Yes ma’am” I said as I knew I’d be clearing my schedule.

I walked out of that room buck naked and down the stairs and knew I’d have to walk to my truck and drive home naked because they had shredded my jeans.  I made a mental note to wear old clothes tomorrow and walked quickly to my truck from the front door, looking back just a moment as I cracked a smile. 

I’ll have to thank my friend tomorrow.